Northern New York H.O.G.


       It  is almost time to store your bike(s), plan accordingly. FXCHD in Adams Center has storage building called "The Barn", contact them for storage pricing and special military rates. It not just for winter you can store your bikes for deployments as well.

       This month, I would like to cover hand signals in the group rides you take part in .  Most groups have signals that may be unique to their group.  However, when different groups or independents get together, it is very useful to know universal group riding hand signals to have a good time for everyone.  There are enough cagers not watching out for motorcycles...let's not do the same to each other!  Below are some illustrations of the universally recognized hand signals. This has been up here long enough! If you don't know this by now, then stay in the back of the groups and do what the hand signal the bike in front of you is doing; for those behind you!

        Next month (Dec) I'll post some graphics concerning lane orientation and how to handle corners.


                 Let's take a look at the New York State motorcycle laws. 

  • NY does accept motorcycle endorsements from other states.
  • Daytime use of headlights is required and modulating headlights are permitted.           Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49,571.108
  • Eye protection is required.
  • Handle bars or grips cannot be more that the height of the operator's shoulders.
  • Helmet speakers can be single earphone only.
  • Lane splitting is not authorized.
  • Lemon law coverage is in place.
  • Maximum sound level allowable: A-Weighted Sound Levels at Speed: 35 mph or less,     82 dB(A); over 35 mph, 86 dB(A), measured at, or adjusted to, a distance of fifty feet from the center of the lane in which the motorcycle is traveling.
  • Mirror Left (L) Right (R)- one is required.
  • Muffler is required; no straight pipes; no removal of baffles; no modification of exhaust system that increases noise beyond exhaust system originally installed.
  • No passenger age restriction.
  • Passenger footrest is required if carrying a passenger.
  • Passenger seat is required if carrying a passenger.
  • Periodic safety inspection is required by law. (yearly)
  • No restriction on radar detectors.
  • Rider education is available for all eligible applicants;  NY Dept. of Health.
  • Rider-Education Waiver with a skill test.
  • Safety helmet required.
  • State insurance requirements:  Compulsory liability (minimum limits-25/50/10)    minimum limits where death results are 50/100.
  • Turn signals are required if bike is manufactured in 1985 or after.