1.  What was the price of the 1903 (405 cc) F Head Single?  $200.00

2.  What colors did the 1903 model come in?  Black w/gold pinstriping

3.  In what year was the Sportster placed in the H-D lineup? 1957

4.  What is the major national motorcyle event held in Florida? 

                Daytona Bike Week

5.  What happened in 1936 to the H-D police knucklehead model? 

                      It received a radio

6.  Who did Harley-Davidson provide engines to in 1987?  Eric Buell

7.  What Harley-Davidson won 3 world championships?  RR250

8.  What is skid racing? The front end is removed and replaced by a skid                plate  (one wheel racing)

9.  Name the motorcycle that won the Battle of the Twin Series in

      1984-1986?  Lucifer's Hammer

10.  Who is called the Godfather of designing and building custom Harley's for about 30 years?  (He now has a hand in Victory's designing)

              Arlen Ness


Northern New York H.O.G.

     This set of trivia is a little different!  I'll give you the name of a biker                movie, and you give me the year of it's release!

        1.  The Leather Boys

        2.  The Wild Angels

        3.  The Born Losers

        4.  C.C. and Company

        5.  Little Fauss and Big Halsy

        6.  Werewolves on Wheels

        7.  Viva Knievel

        8.  Escape from the Bronx

        9.  The Wild One

​      10.  Easy Rider

   1.  ​What liquid cooled motor was introduced by Harley-Davidson in 2002?  V-Rod

   2.  At what angle were the cylinders set at in Harley's V-Twins?  45

   3.  How many races were won by the V-Rod before it was offered to the  public? 0

   4.  Harley-Davidson Motor Co. was formally incorporated as a  business  in  what               year?   1906

   5.  Where did Harley-Davidson win their first race?  Catskill Mtns, NY State

   6.  What made Harley's start easier in 1932?  The replacement of magneto-ignition           with a distributor

   7.  What happened to H-D Motor Co. in 1969?  It was sold to AMF

   8.  What 3 cities have operating plants that produce Harley's?  Milwaukee, WI;

         York, PA;  Kansas City,  MO

   9.  Harley's 1st production of the overhead valves were the 1920 AA and BA                 singles introduced in 1926.  What did they become known as?​  ​"Peashooter"

​1.  In what year did H-D offer the 74 cubic inch V-Twin?   1922

2.  What is referred to as the "Wrecking Crew" in the '20's?  The men on HD's race team

3.  In what year was the magazine known by the name "The Enthusiast" first published?


4.  What model of Harley-Davidson had a shaft drive?  The X A

5.  In what year did H-D introduce it's first 2-stroke motorcycle?  November 1947

6.  Name the model that boasted the 492 cc power plant.  Buell Blast

7.  What was introduced on the 1971 Super Glides?  The Bobtail rear fender

8.  What H-D model was, and still is, used for dirt Flat Track racing?  XR 750

9.  In what years did Scott Parker win U.S. National Championships?  1990 and 1991

10.  Elvis Presley (the King)  was on what model Harley on the cover of the May 1956 "The          Enthusiast"?  ​K-H